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Liroconite is an extremely rare, remarkable & beautiful mineral

It is a copper and aluminium arsenate and is a secondary mineral formed in the oxidation zones of copper deposits. It has been found in only a very few sites in the world, by far the most well known being in Gwennap district of Cornwall, England, UK, its type locality, where it was first discovered.   Here it has occurred in crystals up to 3.5cm.

Liroconite - Wheal Gorland, Gwennap, Cornwall, UK

Liroconite - Specimen in the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro, UK

Liroconite is only rarely available to purchase on the mineral market

It is never available in quantity, but only as single specimens on rare occasions. Good well crystallised specimens nearly always come from old collections, and are mainly from Cornwall.  These are highly valued.  Most were collected many years ago, the mines that they came from having closed well over 100 years ago. 

Newer finds of Liroconite from other areas that have been made more recently only have very small crystals.

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