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The only place in the world that good Liroconite specimens have been found is in Cornwall, and even here they were very rare. Elsewhere poorly crystallised Liroconite has occasionally been reported:

Schwarzenberg, Saxony

Small blue small crystals with Cuprite. 

Sadisdorf, Saxony

Liroconite was found here together with Quartz and Malachite.  This discovery site is registered in the literature falsely often as Sagisdorf.  This is probably due to the text from Hintzes manual of mineralogy which contains a misprint with this place name.  Presumably this was not verified.

Sayda (Saidu), Saxony

Liroconite was reported occasionally in the oxidation zone.

Herrengrund, CSSR

Rare copper oxidation minerals such as Chalkophyllite were reported, together with tiny blue crystals of Liroconite.

Preobraschenski pit, the Urals, USSR

Liroconite was found as small blue crystals in copper rich gossan and quartz. 

Cerro Gordo mine, Inyo County, California, USA

Liroconite was discovered small blue crystals together with Linarite and Caledonite.

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