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The richness and variety of minerals found in the great network of lodes woven through the granite and killas rocks of the Cornish peninsula and Devon is remarkable. Probably no other area of the world has a comparably long history of mining activity, the traces of which may be found in nearly every parish of Cornwall and many in Devon. 

The mining fields of Cornwall are justly celebrated. For many years the majority of the worlds supply of Copper and Tin came from them. Lead, Silver, Tungsten and Arsenic were also produced in some quanitity, together with smaller amounts of Zinc, Antimony, Nickel, Cobalt, Bismuth, Uranium, Iron and Manganese.  Many deposits were extremely rich.  This has led to the formation of a vast array of spectacular mineral specimens, many of which were first discovered in Cornwall.  Liroconite is perhaps the most famous, but there are many others.


Clinoclase is another very rare secondary copper arsenate found in the oxidation zone of copper deposits, and is not infrequently found associated with Liroconite. 


Olivenite, like Liroconite, is a secondary copper arsenate that varies widely in form. It is far less rare than Liroconite, but can be found associated with it in the same mineral veins. 

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