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This specimen is the largest known crystal of Liroconite from any locality, 3.5cm long.  It takes pride of place in the famous Rashleigh collection of minerals, and can be seen in the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro, UK. 

Welcome to Liroconite, the website that specialises in the mineral Liroconite and other Cornish minerals.  Liroconite is a an extremely rare and very beautiful mineral. This website aims to be the principal source of detailed information on Liroconite, other minerals from Cornwall and Devon, and some of the famous mines from this region such as Wheal Gorland.  We also hope to be able to identify current sources of the mineral and other Web sites that have Liroconite and Cornish specimens for sale. We always welcome any further information on Liroconite and other famous Cornish minerals that anyone can provide.  Please email us.

We would like to thank all those who have provided photographs, minerals to be photographed, and other information for this site. We are currently trying to find some old photographs of the Wheal Gorland mine, Wheal Unity and others around the Gwennap area of Cornwall.  Please contact us if you can help with this.

Please bookmark this page. In depth information on other Cornish minerals will be added in the future. Clinoclase and Olivenite are now also featured.

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